Customer Loyalty Club

Join Our Customer Loyalty Club!
Running is a simple sport and we're keeping our Customer Club simple as well. Here's how it works:
Everyone who joins receives a:
  • 10% discount on a pair of shoes, every time, all the time. 
  • 15% discount on two pairs of shoes, every time, all the time. 
  • 20% discount on three-plus pairs of shoes bought in the same visit. 
  • Also, all sale shoes are an additional 10% off

You will receive a member card, which you must have with you at the time of sale to receive your discount. 

We also can store you card in our files in case you tend to lose your cards! 


  • With each pair of shoes you purchase, your card will be punched. On your tenth pair of shoes, you receive 50% off your tenth pair, at which time you will receive a new card. 

Remember, you must have your card with you at the time of sale. If you lose your card, we will issue a new one, but your shoe card count starts from zero.

YOUR car IS YOUR personal record of transactions!