Running Essentials

Goodr Sunglasses 

We offer a variety of different styles of Goodr Sunglasses including, BFG, OG, VRG, and CIRCLE G. We also carry limited edition styles such as the National Park OGs!

Steady Strap 


An easy way to hold your phone during your training sessions is what the Steady Strap is made for! This velcro strap fits through your phone case and wraps around to the outside! 

NATHAN Belt Bag 

We carry Nathan Belt Bags perfect for hydration while training by including two reusable water bottles. Also provides storage to hold gels, snacks, car keys, or your phone. 

NATHAN Hydration Vest 

We carry Nathan Hydration Vests perfect for long training sessions, trail runners, ultra runners, and hikers. This vest carries a refillable hydration pouch located in the back pocket of the vest. A tube connects from the pouch to the front of the vest for quick and efficient hydration sessions. There are pockets on the front and the back of the vest for storage to hold your phone, cards, keys, gels, snacks, and more!